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IMPACT Program Overview

IMPACT is a mentoring program that supports your success at Central Michigan University. You’ll participate in academic, cultural and social workshops, and be paired with a mentor before the semester begins.

The program is designed specifically for multicultural students and is highly encouraged for Multicultural Advancement, Lloyd M. Cofer and Pathways scholars.

IMPACT consists of two parts:

  • The first part is a two-day event before Leadership Safari and the academic year begin. During this event, you’ll participate in one-on-one  and small group meetings that focus on a variety of topics related to your successful transition to college. During this time, you also will be paired with a peer mentor.
  • The second part occurs throughout the academic year with regular meetings with your peer mentor. You’ll meet both one-on-one and in small groups to navigate your first year of college.

What you’ll get from IMPACT:

  • Access to campus resources before you start classes.
  • Connections with other incoming multicultural students
  • Guidance from faculty members who will prepare you for academic course work. 

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