Office of Student Activities & Involvement

Re-Registering Your Student Organization

Each Summer, Student Organizations have to be re-registered through the Office of Student Activities and Involvement.

If you need to transfer administrative permissions, please follow the steps here: NewOfficers. This must be completed by a previous organization administrator.

Step 1: Login to your OrgSync portal to begin the re-registration process. Under “My Memberships” you should find your organization’s portal (or simply search for it)

Step 2: Follow the orange link to complete your re-registration. If you cannot see this orange bar and no one from your organization has completed the process, you may not be an administrator of the portal. Contact the former president of your organization to become a administrator. If that is not an option – send an email to for further help.


Step 3: Update all information. It is important that this information is as up to date as possible.

Step 4: Fill out “Additional Information” and then finally the “finish” button.

Step 5: The president and advisor will each receive an email that looks like the one below. The Advisor will receive an Advisor Approval Form. The president (and only the president) will receive a Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety Liability Form and the MainStage & Get Organized Registration 2016.

*Your re-registration is not complete until these forms are complete.

Step 6: Fill out both forms and then “Finish”

Once all forms are submitted, your forms will be viewed within the next couple of business days. The president will then be sent an e-mail from OrgSync stating their request was approved.

If you have any questions , do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Activities and Involvement at (989) 774-3016 or