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Effective leaders develop skills in delegating. Delegation is not task assignment. Delegation involves giving someone the responsibility and authority to do something that is normally part of the position’s job. Delegation is not abdication. The delegator is still ultimately accountable for the assignment. That is why it’s important to establish appropriate controls and checkpoints to monitor progress. Make sure to set timelines, ask questions, and give feedback. The delegator should still know the progress of the task and should offer resources to ensure success. Leaders should give other members the appropriate authority or power to act along with clear expectations including any boundaries or criteria. Try to avoid prescribing how the assignment should be completed, but still offer some boundaries for guidance.

Delegation involves three important concepts and practices: responsibility, authority, and accountability. When people delegate, they share responsibility and authority with others and hold them accountable for their performance. The ultimate accountability, however, still lies with delegator.

  1. Responsibility refers to the assignment itself and the intended results. That means setting clear expectations. Avoid prescribing how the assignment should be completed.
  2. Authority refers to the appropriate power given to the individual or group including the right to act, make decisions, boundaries, and criteria.
  3. Accountability refers to the fact that the individual must answer for his or her actions and decisions along with the rewards or penalties that accompany those actions or decisions.

Sharing the Job: Ideas to Promote Delegation

  1. Divide the entire group into the different chairs, have everyone choose which chair they are interested in obtaining in the possible future, and everyone in these divided groups helps the chair leader achieve their responsibilities.

2.  Establish a second, third, fourth, fifth and so on in command in the event someone is missing or gone. 

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