Office of Student Activities & Involvement


RSOs may conduct fundraising projects or campaigns in designated locations on the campus under the following guidelines:

  • No portion of the proceeds of the project or campaign will be for the private gain of any  individual company
  • The proceeds will be used for recognized purposes of the organization

Using the RSO Funding/Commercial Solicitation Form RSOs can request a permit to conduct fundraising projects. This form is available on OrgSync through the event creation process. The Office of Student Activities and Involvement (SAI) will approve or deny the request. Fundraising activities cannot take place without first having been approved and when applicable, the appropriate insurance coverage has been obtained. Space will be allotted on a “first come, first serve” basis.

RSOs, with the exception of the Student Government Association and the Residence Hall Assembly, may apply for raffles or lotteries as fundraising projects after they have secured a proper license in their own name from the Michigan Bureau of State Lottery in Lansing. They must present to SAI authorization showing that they meet the qualifications for conducting the event and the University will neither encourage nor discourage their attempts to meet the requirements for holding raffles or lotteries. 

For information on the fundraising and solicitation policy

For further assistance with this or any other issue relating to your student Organization, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Activities and Involvement at (989) 774-3016 or visit UC 101.