Office of Student Activities & Involvement

Six Guidelines for Goal Setting

  1. Set Goals from the Very Beginning
    • This will help you establish a framework from which to build
  2. Take Ownership of your Goals
    • Your members are more likely to work toward goals that they set themselves, group participation is the key in setting executive board goals, if goals are accepted and understood then they can direct and motivate group members
  3. Set Realistic Goals
    • Don’t set yourself up for failure, think about what your group can realistically achieve, avoid setting too many goals to be accomplished in a short time
  4. Set Goals that are Specific and Measurable
    • Avoid talking in general terms and state exactly what you plan to do
  5. Write your Goals Down on Paper and Refer to them Often:
    • This will help you clarify and remember your goals, check off goals as you accomplish them
  6. Reward Yourself and your Members when you have Achieved your Goals
    • Celebrate your accomplishments 

For further assistance with this or any other issue relating to your student organization, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Activities and Involvement at (989) 774-3016 or visit UC 101.