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Risk Management

Lessons Learned:

Risk Management Lessons Worth Remembering

By Ben Golub and Conan Crum (Blackrock)

  • Risk management requires institutional buy - in
  • The alignment and management of institutional interests are critical to risk management
  • Institutions need an independent risk management organization with strong subject – matter expertise
  • Institutions need to understand their fiduciary responsibilities to their clients
  • While a top - down perspective is necessary, a bottom - up risk management process is vital
  • Institutions need to get portfolio managers to think like risk managers
  • Risk models require vigilance and skepticism
  • Institutional risk management does not mean risk avoidance

Impact on the Practice of Risk Management:

  • Accountability at all levels
    • Greater participation from senior management
    • Stronger risk cultures
  • Greater emphasis on big picture, integration
    • New regulatory initiatives
  • Identified need for better understanding

Tasks Identified as Important and Frequent:

  • Data Collection
    • Gather internal (position) data and external (market) data
    • Validate data
  • Modeling and Analysis
    • Identify risk exposure and risk factors
    • Conduct stress and scenario analyses
  • Communication and Reporting
    • Identify risk tolerance
    • Gather policy and regulatory information
    • Develop risk reports, presentations, etc.

(New) Requirements of a Risk Manager:

  • Being able to determine the applicability, sufficiency and validity of an existing risk model, understanding its limits and sensitivities to inputs and external factors
  • Being able to evaluate a situation broadly and to understand the influence of external factors
  • Strong communication skills, being able to accurately and concisely explain and present risk reports, policies, limits and results

Keys to a Strong Risk Management Function:

  • Data
  • Strong computer skills
  • Intellectual curiosity and independence – rock the boat, ask the questions, challenge the establishment, general skepticism
  • Strong communication skills

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