Office of Student Activities & Involvement

Things to Avoid in all Meetings


  • Giving too Much Detail: Get out the important points and allow discussion and questions to follow if needed.
  • All Telling and No Listening: Give members the opportunity to invest in the organization and feel like their opinions and ideas matter.
  • Pressuring Others to Participate: Spark the interest of general members with tact. Don’t threaten or pressure folks into doing things they don’t want to do.


  • Too Much Information to Discuss: Make the agendas manageable. Talking about too much runs the risk of forgetting everything.
  • Repeating an Activity Until it Works: Learn from challenges and know that an organization doesn’t have to do it right all of the time.
  • Over Analyzing Data: If someone has said it, move on to a different point, otherwise take the information at face value and use it accordingly.


  • Defending Own View of What Should Occur: Steam rolling is one step that will lead to greater challenges for an organization.
  • Changing Design to Meet Need of the Minority: If a hand full of folks can’t meet consensus with the rest of the group, don’t risk cohesion to please these folks.
  • Arguing over Interpretations of What Happened: Everyone has a different perspective. Discuss what was interpreted with the rest of the organization and develop a position based on consensus.

For further assistance with this or any other issue relating to your student Organization, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Activities and Involvement at (989) 774-3016 or visit UC 101.