Office of Student Activities & Involvement

Traits of Effective Meetings

Getting Ready:

Have a Purpose: Make sure they are meeting for a good reason and that the value of the person is kept in mind.
Set a Time and Location: Don’t be afraid to cancel a meeting or two if there is no real purpose to meet and don’t be afraid to change the meeting location to avoid boredom.
Notify Members: Make sure that membership is in the know of all of the details of the meeting plans. 
Secure Necessary Items: Come to a meeting prepared. Everything should be ready to go before the meeting.
Prepare Agenda: Develop an agenda with the e-board before the meeting.

During the Meeting:

Begin on Time: it is important to stick to the timeframe that has been established for the meeting in the beginning.
Have a Good Meeting Warm Up: Meetings seem to go better when they start off with a high energy level. This will set the tone for the entire meeting.
Review Agenda: Go over the agenda items. Let them know what things are going to be covered.
Speak Clearly and With Authority: The message that needs to be delivered is lost if membership cannot hear or understand the speaker.
Listen: Leaders must retain great listening skills. Hear what members are saying, suggesting, and discussing.
Stay Focused: it is easy to get completely off the subject at meetings. Stick to the agenda.
Have Closure, Delegate Duties: Summarize the main points and if there are duties involve, see to it that other folks have things to do and time-lines set.


Evaluate the Meeting: Discuss the good things and not so good things about the meeting. If there were bumps in the road, have a discussion of how to rectify the situation.
Distribute Minutes: Get minutes out by the next day so that absent members can get caught up with the rest of the organization.
Follow Up with Members: If tasks have been delegated, make sure to follow up with members, creating some accountability, allowing them to ask questions, and demonstrating an investment in the activities of the group.
Recognize Good Efforts: Show people how much they are appreciated.

For further assistance with this or any other issue relating to your student organization, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Activities and Involvement at (989) 774-3016 or visit UC 101.