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What is IMPACT?

IMPACT is a mentoring program that supports your success at Central Michigan University. You’ll participate in academic, cultural and social workshops, and be paired with a mentor before the semester begins. The program is designed specifically for multicultural students and is highly encouraged for Multicultural Advancement, Lloyd M. Cofer and Pathways scholars.

What does IMPACT consist of?
IMPACT is a two-day workshop that takes place before Leadership Safari and the academic year begin. During this event, you’ll participate in one-on-one and small group meetings that focus on a variety of topics related to your successful transition into CMU. During this time, you also will be paired with a peer mentor. The second part occurs throughout the academic year with regular meetings with your peer mentor. You’ll meet both one-on-one and in small groups to navigate your first year of college.

What is the role of my peer mentor?

Your peer mentor will act as a guide as you embark upon your journey of here at CMU. All peer mentors are upperclassmen and are active on campus. Your peer mentor will be with you throughout the IMPACT program and meet with you throughout the semester in order to ensure your success here at CMU.

Why should I attend IMPACT?

IMPACT is a fun and high energy program that will give you access to campus resources before you start classes. It will also connect you with other incoming multicultural students. Lastly, you will receive advice from CMU faculty, staff members and upperclass students who will prepare you for your academic course work. Students who attend IMPACT, report feeling more prepared for CMU and more connected to the resources CMU offers.

Do I have to be a multicultural student to attend?

No, IMPACT is open to all students. The program, however, was designed to meet the unique needs of incoming multicultural freshman and transfer students.

Do I have to attend Leadership Safari if I want to attend IMPACT?

Yes, students who attend IMPACT are required to attend Leadership Safari. IMPACT is a free program, however, the fee to attend Leadership Safari is $125.

What if I cannot afford to attend Leadership Safari?

You can apply for the fee waiver. In order to be eligible for the fee waiver, you must have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of $0 to $5000 as indicated on a completed FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). If you meet the eligibility qualification, you must complete the fee waiver form by August 1, 2017. You will receive an email stated if your fee has been waived. Fee waiver applications are located at

In addition to the fee waiver, Leadership Safari offers a scholarship for students that have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) or $5,001 to $10,000 as indicated on a completed FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. If you would like to apply for the the 6040 Scholarship which covers up to 60% of the Leadership Safari Registration Fee please complete the application by July 1, 2017 located at

As an IMPACT participant, when will I be allowed to move in?

You will be allowed to move into your Residence Hall on August 17, 2017 beginning at 8am. You may check in to your room at the front desk of your assigned residence hall. IMPACT registration will begin promptly at 1pm in the Student Activity Center (SAC). All participants are expected to have completed all last minute errands, checked into their residence halls, and completed the IMPACT registration process before attending the Welcome ceremony.

What if I can only attend part of the CMU IMPACT and/or Leadership Safari Program?

We require students to be present at all program related activities. If you do not attend all of the scheduled programming, a fee of $400 will be charged to your student account. If you register for the IMPACT program and do not show up or do not cancel you will also be charged a fee of $150. If you have extenuating circumstances, contact us directly.

Are the Chippewa Achievement Program (CAP) students eligible to participate in IMPACT?

Yes, CAP students are eligible to participate in the CMU IMPACT program.

How can I stay connected to the CMU IMPACT Program?

Follow us on social media!

Facebook: CMU Impact Program

Instagram: IMPACT_CMU


If you want to learn more about the CMU Program, check out our information videos.

For any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at (989)-774-3016 or via email at

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