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CMU Homecoming Medallion Hunt
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Each year thousands of students take part in the campus wide hunt for the Homecoming Medallion. 
During homecoming week, students are given various clues to the location of the medallion. 
The hunt takes place on CMU's main campus and truly an event that all CMU students should experience!!
Sunday Clue
Monday Clue
Tuesday Clue
Wednesday Clue
Past Homecoming Medallion finders
Homecoming Medallion Hunt Rules:
  • The Medallion is located on CMU's main campus in a public place.
  • You will not have to enter any closed facility or do anything to cause damage in finding it.
  • Do not climb, dig, or swim. It will not be in the Fabiano Botanical Garden
  • This is a fun hunt, please do not miss class, stay up all night, or get too serious about it.  Please be respectful of your fellow Chippewas. 
  • All clues will come out at 9 PM on Sunday and 10pm each week night.
  • All actors will leave their locations @ 10 on Sunday and 11pm each week night.