2017-2018 Award Winners:

Gamman of the Fall 2017 Semester: Nick Eckhart

Outstanding Service Award: Molly Hutchison; Grace Czubachowski; Eric Leveille

Outstanding Initiate of the Fall 2017 Semester: Bridget Lally

National Gamman of the Year: Jackson Bensley


Some Eta Chapter Activities :

  1. Discovery Days Student Interest flyers- Research
  2. Welcome Weekend Safety flyer- Education
  3. Distribution of Condoms to 9 Wear One Sites- Service
  4. Mainstage- Wear One Kickoff and recruitment- Service
  5. Packing Wear one bags (5000 condoms)- Service/Social (x4)
  6. MY Consent Day- Education
  7. Adopt-A-Highway- Service
  8. Healthy Food Competition- Education
  9. Health Connections- Education
  10.  Technology Tweets- Education
  11.  What’s advocacy got to do with it- Advocacy/Education
  12.  What’s the impact of environmental health- Education
  13.  Community health- this is who we are and what we do- Education
  14.  CHAMPS health fair- Education
  15.  Breast Cancer Awareness- Education
  16.  Advocacy Summit Presentation- Advocacy/ Education
  17.  Love your Self(ie)- Service
  18.  Rural Health Day- Education
  19. World AIDS day- Service
    1. Medical Supplies for South Africa study aboard
  20.  GLC SOPHE- Professional development
  21. Hurricane relief fundraiser with the University of Florida
    1. Can Drive Fundraiser-Service
  22.  Fundraiser for president killed in the shooting- Service
  23. Safer Sex patrol volunteering- Service
  24. Fireside chat (TBA)
  25. Eta This, Not That (TBA)
  26. Advocacy workshop (TBA)
  27. Advocacy day at the capital (TBA)