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The SGA Pro-Bono Legal Clinic (herein referred to as Legal Clinic) provides assistance to Central Michigan University students who have questions concerning the law. The Legal Clinic is not soliciting clients or forming attorney-client relationships by conducting short meetings with students, but only provide general information about the law and potential remedies or courses of action that a student may take.

The Legal Clinic is not an official organization formed or recognized by the Board of Trustees of Central Michigan University; rather, it is a volunteer effort by a group of attorneys, some of whom are instructors at Central Michigan University. The University has no responsibility or liability for any matter conducted in or because of this volunteer effort.

If you plan to take any action based on information you obtain at the Legal Clinic, then you should consult an attorney. There is no substitute for an attorney to guide a case through the difficult areas of the law, or the even more complex court regulations.

The Legal Clinic will provide students with the opportunity to meet with a licensed attorney and receive limited legal advice for a period of no more than 30 minutes. If you feel that you have more complicated legal questions that will require long explanations and/or lengthy document review, then seeking advice at this Legal Clinic is probably not your best option. We recommend that you hire an attorney.

Who can attorneys help?
-Only those persons who do not already have an attorney
-Only those persons who have questions related to court matters

What can attorneys do for clients?
-Explain how to initiate certain legal actions
-Explain what forms to use and where to get them
-Explain court rules, court procedures, and case schedules
-Refer you to other court and community resources
-Review your forms after you have completed them to make sure that they are complete and accurate
-Inform you of your legal options based on the information you provide
-Explain what information and documents you will need to present your case

Notice: Attorneys can also
-Decline to meet with you if they can no longer assist you
-Ask you to leave the office immediately if you make any verbal or physical threats or sexual advances to any persons

What can’t attorneys do for clients?
-Fill out forms for you
-Predict or guarantee the outcome of your case or how judges/commissioners will rule
-Be responsible for the accuracy or legal effects of the information contained in any written or verbal instruction they may give you
-Be responsible for the accuracy of the information you have in any forms or papers you file or use in court

How much does it cost to use the SGA Legal Clinic?
-The SGA Legal Clinic is free

Will my appointment be held in confidence?
-Yes. Your visit to this clinic and information you provide will be held in confidence and will only be used for the Clinic’s administrative purposes. Particular demographic information you voluntarily give will be used only for statistical purposes and reported in summary form.

May I come to the legal clinic more than once?
-Yes and no. You may visit the clinic only one time per issue. Thus, if you encounter three separate legal issues during your matriculation at Central Michigan University, you may visit the clinic no more than three times. However, the SGA Legal Clinic Director reserves the right to deny appointments to you if a determination is made that:
-You can no longer be assisted by the limited services of the Legal Clinic;
-You have made verbal or physical threats or sexual advances toward any persons substantially involved with the
-You seem to be abusing the service; or
-For any other reasons at the discretion of the SGA President.

May I hire an attorney that helped me?
-Yes. However, the attorney has the right to decline representing you formally. 

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