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Michigan Landlord/Tenant Guide

Landlord Tenant Issue? Start here. This invaluable resource covers Michigan landlord/tenant law. 

Michigan Drinking/Driving Law

From the Michigan Department of State. Tons of useful info here.

Nuisance Parties The Mt. Pleasant 

The Mt. Pleasant Nuisance ordinance. Know your party rights and duties !

Small Claims Court

If your issue concerns an amount less than $3000, think small claims! A simple how-to guide for filing a small claims action in Michigan

CMU handbook on student rights & duties


ACLU Civil Rights Pamphlet

This pamphlet by the ACLU informs you of what your rights are if you are detained or questioned by the police.This is especially useful if you are a foreign exchange student.

Michigan Courts Website

State Court Administrator Office(SCAO) offers legal forms for a variety of different legal issues. Scroll to the very bottom of this page for a complete listing of different topics for which forms are available.** These forms once filled in must be printed they cannot be saved

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Summary of your rights under this act.

American Bar Association

American Bar Association is a great resource for researching attorneys and getting general legal information

Isabella County Trial Court

Isabella County Trial Court Website. You can access the court docket and other court resources.

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