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What is Org Sync?

OrgSync is a web application that allows students and faculty to join, organize, manage and communicate with registered student organizations (RSOs) and their members, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and stay updated on campus events. It may even resemble a “Facebook” atmosphere strictly for Central Michigan University's campus. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Contact Dani Rossman, Coordinator of Student Organization Services, to organize a training to help you or your group best utilize OrgSync.

Benefits of OrgSync

For Students
OrgSync encourages student involvement and awareness by making it easier to find registered campus organizations and communicate with their members. Students are also able to keep an official record of involvement, create an eProtfolio, and utilize a personal calendar of events or a virtual to-do list.

For Campus Organizations
OrgSync house all necessary materials for campus organizations in one place.  Within OrgSync, members of a campus organization may keep a log of past officers for reference purposes, post pictures, complete organization surveys, announce meeting schedules, post event information and more.

For example, OrgSync allows student organizations to:

  • Be sustainable by moving all organization forms online for easy access and storage of collected data
  • Register for new organizations online
  • Promote events using the new Student Life, Greek Life, Recreation & Events, or the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center calendar
  • Communicate with group members or other groups via email, message, discussion board, or text message
  • Store files for easy officer transitions from year to year
  • Create an organizational website
  • Browse all registered student organizations and recruit new members

Get Started!

Create an OrgSync Account

  • Log in to OrgSync with your global id and password. New users will need to complete the basic profile information.
  • You will automatically be placed in the University group: Fire Up Club. The Fire Up Club allows you to have access to upcoming events and student organization information.

Search or Join Current Student Organizations

  • At the top of the community page click “Browse Organizations” or click "Add Organization" under the Organizations icon. 
  • Search for an organization by name, category, or key word. Click on the name of a student organization to learn more about their mission/purpose. Click “Join Now” to become a part of an organization. Some organizations require a request. Enter a request to join this organization and click “Submit Request”


Join any of the 350+ Registered Student Organizations at Central!


The Community Home keeps students updated on community, organization, and member updates. Students can also access organizations, individual tools, and upcoming or RSVP'd events!


Organization portals have many tools to help registered student organization operate efficiently and virtually!



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log-in? 
Students, faculty/staff or alumni can log in by visiting and clicking the gray Login to OrgSync button in the top right corner. You will be re-directed to the log-in page, where you should use your Global ID and password. First-time users will be directed to set-up their profiles.

How do I join the organizations that I am a member of in order to stay informed?
 Once you have logged in, click on the green "Browse Organizations" button near the top of the Community Page. Here, you can browse our list of organizations and can request to join them to stay involved!

How do I grant another student "administrator" access to my organization?
 First, make sure that the person to whom you need to grant administrative access is a member of your organization on OrgSync. Once he or she is added, a current administrator can search for them using the "People" tab within the group's page and choose to elevate them to "administrator" status within the organization by clicking the "Options" button next to their name and modifying their current "Account Group". Administrative access will provide a particular person with complete access and rights to manage a group's OrgSync portal. It is recommend to limit the number of administrators.

How do I post my events to the Student Life calendar?
 Administrators of groups can add events to their group’s calendar by clicking on the "Calendar" function within the group's page. Click on the desired date and choose to "Create Event". Once you fill out the event details, be sure to click "Request to share this event on the community calendar" This will send a message to the Student Life Office that a posting needs to be reviewed. Due to limited space, we are unable to post weekly meetings to the calendar and other events will be approved with Student Life employee discretion.

How can I create a website for my organization?
 Organizations can utilize the website builder as an administrator of a group by clicking the "Website" tab within the group's page. Should you need assistance building your site, contact Tom Idema, Elway Pegg, Rachel Thomas or staff at OrgSync.

How do I learn more about using OrgSync?
 Student Life hosts trainings throughout the fall and spring semesters that allow for you to have a more hands-on training. Contact Rachel Thomas to set up an OrgSync training for your group.


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